Verse 1

Wakin up

My face flat on the ground

So trapped in every way.

Had enough

Of life smacking me down

Can’t seem to make it on my own these days

How’d this happen;

What happened to me

Always stood on my own

I been there for you, baby will ya be there for me

Come on…pick up the phone

Pick up the phone,

Come on…pick up the phone


Could you…send me some money…

Would you send it now…Don’t ask me questions…

No…I don’t know how…Don’t know how this happened

How’d it happen to me

Could you…send me some money…

Would you…send me some money…

Come on…send me some money…

Please please, please, please

Verse 2

I try and I try,

I try to get over

and fight despite this twist of fate

Been bangin my head…. over and over

It’s just proved to be too much to take



Verse 3

So fed up

Being so put down

I reach to meet this life halfway

Everytime I show up the world kicks me around

I just can’t it’s all just too much to take


Words & Music Eric Hungate © Hungate Songs

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