Eric Hungate’s jazzy blend of smooth rock with blues-tinged vocals makes this Austin,Texas-based singer-songwriter a must listen for fans of richly nuanced pop-rock and Americana. Veteran singer and guitarist Hungate sings his tongue-in-cheek lyrics with a gritty smile

Hungate produces a mix of genres with memorable vocal melodies and a knack for seamlessly matching timbres of the traditional and contemporary into some really standout tracks. Experience the highs and lows of love and modern life in his upbeat, original songs…  it’s a grab bag that merits taking home.

Born in Western New York Hungate started his music career as a rock/R&B musician in 1970, serving as singer, songwriter, rhythm guitar-player and all-around instrumentalist for a variety of original bands. In Los Angeles, he performed with the pop-rock-funk band Them Bones. He spent the 1980s in San Francisco, where he performed solo gigs and formed a preppy punk rock band called The Phobics.

Eventually Hungate put down his guitar to raise a family and climb the corporate IT ladder, he is currently a Chief Information Officer for a non-profit association in Austin.